Sizing Pilot

A new initiative to calibrate the accuracy of our new size guide on our website to help new and existing Pas Normal Studios customers find their correct size of clothing.

You may have already experienced a size guide on different websites providing help to select the right size for your new cycling apparel. We want to do the same - just much better. We are developing an advanced size guide customised for our Pas Normal Studios clothing and accessories.

For this, we need your help.

You are reading this as a good friend of the house, already knowing your size in different Pas Normal Studios pieces and styles.

By taking a couple of measurements and providing us with your sizes, you will be contributing with very valuable data, which will be used to help existing and new customers going forward.

All we need from you is:

- 10 minutes of your time
- You at home, wearing each piece on its own for the most accurate measures
- A measuring tape
- A helping hand from a friend, spouse, roommate, or similar

If you have any questions in relation to the project, how to measure, or anything else related to this process, please reach out to us. We are here to help!

Privacy Policy for Project: Sizing Pilots

We are using Typeform to collect the information.

Data you are providing to us:

1) Contact information
2) Personal measurement of your body (ex: weight, height, arm length, etc.)
3) Your clothing size in different Pas Normal Studios products and collections.

All data and information provided will only be used in relation to this project.

Your data will only be available and viewed by a couple of internal Pas Normal Studios employees.

After handling and categorising your data, it will be averaged with all other inputted values, which will act as the foundation for the final size guide.

We will only contact you if you provide us with an email address and only in relation to the sizing project (ex: if we have questions or need alternative measurements).

You can always request to have your information deleted.