PAS Racing Cyclocross Team

Pas Normal Studios makes its debut into the cold, muddy world of professional cyclocross racing.

The PAS Racing Cyclocross Team is a women’s cyclocross team solely represented by Sophie de Boer competing in top-level cyclocross races across Europe and the U.S.

Leaving her summer base in the cycling paradise of Mallorca, Sophie has returned to the cold and rain in the Netherlands this year to reestablish a familiarity with the uniquely Belgian/Dutch mud and terrain that is exclusive to the cyclocross world.

After a turbulent year, Sophie has returned to the world stage, hungry to reclaim her spot on top of the podium. Rather than having to rely on the decisions and strict requirements of another World Tour team, Sophie decided to start her own team. Competing as an independent team meant that she could maintain a strong focus on authenticity and build a foundation where the team can grow according to her ideals and vision for the future of women's cycling.

Through a collaborative partnership with VELUX®, we have created the PAS Racing Cyclocross Team to provide a platform for Sophie to successfully begin to grow her vision.

With spectators finally being welcomed back into the chaos that is cyclocross racing, we look forward to watching Sophie battle it out against the best cyclists in the world.