Impact and Responsibility

Our mission is to become the most responsible version of ourselves through informed action and honest, transparent communication.

Let the climb begin.

At Pas Normal Studios, we recognize the inherent tension between our responsibility towards the environment and our mission to create modern uncompromising cycling wear to inspire and motivate dedicated cyclists globally.

We also recognize our role in creating a lasting and meaningful improvement for our communities and the environment. We have a responsibility to promote our sport more sustainably.

We aim to become an industry leader in sustainable practices and reporting. There is a long and testing journey ahead of us, challenging ourselves to strike a better balance between our environmental impact and the modern uncompromising cycling wear we stand for.

A major step in this journey is to define the key priorities as an organisation, and hold ourselves accountable to goals we set ourselves. You can explore these topics in our Impact & Responsibility Strategy Document here.

An integral part of our impact and responsibility strategy is to openly communicate on our achievements, challenges and goals. In our latest Impact & Responsibility Report we transparently document the progress made on our journey to become a leader in sustainable practices and reporting.

If you have any questions or feedback, please send us an email at