Enough Cycling

Migration Gravel Race, Kenya

The Migration Gravel Race is a four-day event across the wilds of the Maasai Mara, Kenya. Part ultra-competitive gravel stage race, part bicycle festival with camping and communal eating. Mattia De Marchi and Maria Vittoria Sperotto recently took part in Migration Gravel Race for Enough Cycling. The 650 km route covered single track, game trails, red clay, and rough hard pack gravel. At an average elevation of 1900m through Maasai villages, plains, rivers, mountains and across big game country.

Photos: Lian van Leeuwen and Enough Cycling

Mattia De Marchi

"The racing was great in Kenya. But what was more interesting was all the things that happened beyond the riding. I was living in a camp and started to build a routine I actually miss. Sleeping in a tent, showering with hot water boiled over a fire, eating only rice and vegetables. It was enough for me to experience that we don't need much to live our lives. For me, comfort has the side effect of mitigating emotions and feelings."

"Riding in Kenya was unbelievable - rocky and tough. I really recommend anyone to come and join Migration Gravel Race for a true, pure, and amazing experience."

Mattia De Marchi finished the Migration Gravel Race in third place.

Maria Vittoria Sperotta

"I'd say it was a life-changing experience for me. This was my first gravel stage race, and I really didn't expect to be so emotional about it. The relationship with the other riders is amazing. You race hard, but everyone always has a couple of nice encouraging words ready for you. You bond and you build strong relationships during the race."

"Another unbelievable thing was riding through all the small villages with kids and people cheering on the side. It blew my mind, especially because they were constantly asking how they could help you. I thought it would be the other way around. I found myself thinking about the impact we as riders can have on the lives of the people we meet out there. How we can help in the local communities when we do races like Migration Gravel Race."

Maria Vittoria Sperotta won the women's category of Migration Gravel Race.