Destination Everywhere

Our Destination Everywhere van travels to historical hotspots and unknown destinations around the world of cycling. We follow the roads and paths beyond what you see and experience everywhere else. Ambitious adventures in the mountains and hills - and a welcome smile and coffee after a social ride with new and old friends.


Stay updated on where the Destination Everywhere van will be next. We are always keen to chat over a coffee or a ride wherever we travel. Make sure to check the calendar - we update with new events and locations continuously.



Cycling is not always about racing to the finish line. Cycling can be about the process of riding from A to B and the experiences you gain along the way. The Destination Everywhere project has been taking us on some true adventures. From riding through the depths of winter on ice covered roads in Sweden to climbing up hidden gravel roads in the Alps.

You can follow our adventures as they happen through our dedicated Instagram page


From Munich to Bern

Destination Everywhere

The Pilgrimage

Destination Everywhere

From Venice to Vienna

Destination Everywhere

The Definitive Stages

Destination Everywhere