• The event is sold out - but you can sign up to the waiting list.

  • When: November 5th 2022, 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM

  • Where: LKR Innovation House (Industrivej 12, 8752 Østbirk)

  • What: A free One-Day Gravel Festival with three routes to choose from - 40 km, 80 km and 120 km.

All you need to know

Chasing Daylight is completely free. Everything is included.

The LKR Innovation House in Østbirk will be the canvas for a day full of fun, food and festivities.

What you get. Basically: we've thought about everything. From coffee and snacks before the ride to bike wash, gravel introductory rides and music, beers and more food after the event. We will also throw in a Pas Normal Studios goodie bag for all riders.

The Routes. All routes will be shared 2 days before the event. There will be three loops all starting and ending around the LKR Innovation House. You have the option to ride one, two or three of the loops. We would like you to indicate if you want to do 40, 80 or 120 km when signing up, but if you decide to stop after two loops to get coffee no one will stop you.

Or if you want to do an extra loop we'll make sure there's a cold beer waiting for you when you finish. As long as you enjoy the ride, all is good. All loops will have one or more timed segments if you want to race a bit with your friends.

Ride Leaders and Intro Ride. There will be ride leaders in all groups setting a pace if you want the ride to be social. On the 40 km version, we will do a separate Intro Ride so you get the best possible day on your bike - no matter your level of experience and fitness.

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Road to Nowhere x VELUX

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